Lucky or HARD work?

It has been interesting meeting and speaking with people since the summer started and everyone has been telling me how LUCKY I am to be able to do so much traveling and taking time to do the things I enjoy doing. To be honest it makes me laugh really hard knowing that the same people were the ones who thought I was crazy for starting my own business instead of taking a corporate job in 2009.

I wanted something different, I wanted to start something myself so that I could enjoy my job, work when I want, and do the things I enjoy doing on a daily basis.

Something I have learned by starting my own business is that NOTHING is given, but all is earned by working hard and being aggressive to make things happen.

I recommend being an entrepreneur to anyone that wants to have more control over their future and enjoy their “job”.

Personally, I have had an extremely difficult time working for anyone and that is why I have made the decision to be financially independent for the rest of my life. The quote below is one that I always think of when I think about creating your own business.

Find something you love to do, and youll never work a day in your life

This VIDEO is one I watch on a daily basis and reminds me that people who do great things are one’s who never quit when the going gets tough. Hoping this post clarifies how lucky I am 🙂


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